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                            Balsam of «Doctor Tohiri»


       Original Balsam of Doctor Tohiri consists of 7 medicinal herbs:

   It is registered in Ministry of Health Care of Tajikistan under the number 000047T from June 30, 2006, TC 9181 RT 30112989-330-2003


                         Balsam of «Doctor Tohiri»


   The part of raw material forms following biologically-active substances: barberry – alkaloids (berberin, palmitin, berlambin, etc ), flavorings, vitamins of C,E, macro elements (potassium, calcium, magnesium, ferric oxide), microelements (manganese, copper, zinc, cobalt, molybdenum, chromium, aluminum, barium, selenium, nickel, strontium, lead); dogrose -  vitamins of C,K, P, riboflavin, karotinoids, organic acid (citric and apple), sugar, pectins and tannins, antocians; dried apricot – sugar (glucose, fructose), vitamins of B2, B6, B15, C12, P, p-karyotin, biotin, macro elements (potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, sulphur, phosphorus, chlorine), microelements (aluminum, ferric oxide, iodine, cobalt, manganese, copper, nickel, fluorine, chromium); liquorices – glycyrrhizin acid,  glycyrrhizin, alkaloids, steroids; cardamom – albumen, aliphatic oil, essential oil with terpineol, cineol; saffron – essential oil, karotinoids, flavorings.

 Basic properties:

1. Improving the function of liver and kidney, Balsam of «Doctor Tohiri» renders harmless toxic substances, standardizes the content of cholesterol and contributes to the bringing out of radionuclide.

2. Original composition of Balsam of 7 herbs, including valuable bitter substances, influences beneficially upon the function of stomach, bowels micro flora, contributes to digestion and vitamin assimilation, mineral and other necessary substances to organism.

3. Natural toning substances of Balsam of «Doctor Tohiri» influence positively on the nervous system, contributes to normalization of immune and endocrine systems and organism stabilization during stresses, irregular nutrition and surfeit.

4. Biological substances of Balsam of «Doctor Tohiri» guarantee effective antimicrobial action by local using, precipitate treatment in frost-biting, presence of wounds, sting of insects, infections and soften rheumatic aches by using in the form of lotions and compresses.


1. Kidney diseases, urine bringing-out ways and alimentary canal – liver, stomach, pancreas, bowels.

2. Breach of metabolism, diabetes, obesity, arteriosclerosis, stenocardia, infarct, hypertonic, rheumatism and etc.

3. Intoxication, radiation sickness.

4. Different disorders of immune, endocrine and nervous systems – emaciation, lowering of potentiality, prostate, lowering of organism capacity to resist to different kinds of infections.

5. Skin diseases, mucous membrane, ulcers, wounds, infections and traumas.

6. Posttraumatic aches of gentle tissues, joints, bone fractures and etc.

7. Prophylaxis of professional diseases and especially connecting with atomic power engineering, X-ray radiation, chemical industry.


 Side effects: Aqueous and spirit extracts, forming the part of balsam, do not show any negative effects to organism.


Contraindications: As the tincture contains 45% of ethanol, it is prescribed only to adults. Moreover, it is not recommended to use it for people suffering from cirrhosis of liver or epilepsy and also pregnant and breast-feeding women.



  Dosage and administration

1. For internal using, if doctors do not make another prescription:  1-2 tea spoon of undulated  Balsam of «Doctor Tohiri» twice – thrice daily; It may be used diluting it in water or tea.

In case of high stomach acidity, it is necessary to take it after a meal, diluting it in water or tea.

2. For outward using: in case of toothache or throat ache, it is necessary to dilute 3 tea spoon of Balsam of «Doctor Tohiri» in small amount of warm water and gargle mouth and throat thrice daily during 3 minutes; in case of rheumatic complaint, it is necessary to rub Balsam of «Doctor Tohiri» in proper locations.

   In case of sting of insects, inflammation of skin and callouses, it is necessary to moisten the proper location with Balsam of «Doctor Tohiri».


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